The Beauty Bullies Style Team...

From Super Bowls to Super Models. From Fortune 500 Keynote Speakers to Wedding Day Jitters. All the way to Your Favorite TV Show...Beauty Bullies continues to provide professional services for a wide range of clientele. 

Summer Posey is the Creator and Lead MUA of the Beauty Bullies Team that includes FULLY LICENSED COSMETOLOGISTS and TATTOO ARTISTS.  This list includes but is not limited to the following Registered and Licensed in the State of Florida:

COSMETOLOGIST - S. Miller License #FB9731965

COSMETOLOGIST - A. Bevell License #CL1197864

COSMETOLOGIST - L. Carlson License #CL0240578

TATTOOING ESTABLISHMENT (Tattooing Fixed Location) - S. Posey #48-44-1721794

OPERATING PERMIT (Biochemical Waste - Tattoo/Body Piercing) - S. Posey #48-64-1721786


From editorial spreads, to notable red carpet looks, television, weddings and portraits, just to name a few. Committed to pleasing the client, Summer is Passionate about staying on trend and using nothing but the finest products.

Beauty Bullies has a unique approach to bridal makeup in particular. Besides providing professionalism and immaculate work, we provide a signature look for each bride. The genuine care and listening skills result in happy clients for pictures that last a lifetime. Summer is excited to provide an extensive catalog of positive feedback which proceeds her reputation as a sought after wedding makeup artist.

Having done styling and makeup for over a decade, this is a passion. The Beauty Bullies team has been hand selected by Summer in order to provide top notch service! 



Stage, Television, Public Appearances, Wedding, In Studio Modeling, Out of Studio Modeling. Yes...there is a difference and Beauty Bullies will show you. 





Need advice on how to conduct the perfect photo shoot?  Confused about the difference between Stage and TV Make Up?  Are you one step away from being a Bridezilla? Let us answer all of your questions and suggest many creative angles that will make your project a success.